Herbes de la Conca
We are a company in the northeast of Spain that produces many different kinds of aromatic and culinary herbs. Our Mediterranean culture has a long history of growing and cooking with aromatic herbs and we are now mixing them to create some different kind of gourmet organic products that add easy flavour to your food and also to reduce salt intake.


At Herbes de la Conca we have a saying: “don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself”. As a result of this philosophy our organic food products are made locally. We produce everything using traditional methods that respect the environment. They are not only good to look at but we also pay great attention to make sure they are healthy, good and made with great care. Let’s put it another way, if you read our labels you will understand all our ingredients perfectly, something that does not always happen with many food products we eat.


Do you want to reduce your salt intake? Using our half n’ half herb salts means the quantity of salt in your food will be to the minimum without losing any of the flavour. The secret is in the way we make our different herb salts. We mix equal parts of unrefined sea salt from the Delta del Ebro and our homegrown mediterranean herbs which have a wonderful taste and aroma. This means we make sure for every small amount you add to your food, only half of it is salt.


All our pâtés are made with the following natural ingredients: a tofu base of the best quality, the vegetable or wild mushroom it is named after, a good amount of virgin olive oil, some wall nuts which give it the right texture and a mix of our herbs which give them the mediterranean touch. None of them contain sunflower oil, palm oil or potato starch which, even though the can be organic and are cheaper ingredients, reduce the quality of the product considerably.


All our chocolate is made in the traditional way with 100% organic ingredients. They contain unrefined sugar and fair-trade cocoa. They do not contain soya lecithin.


The Herbes de la Conca pasta is made in the Moyanés region of Barcelona using a hard wheat semola with a high protein content. We have three types of pasta: Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, savoury & bayleaf), Oregano and Chilli. It is produced in small quantities and dried at low temperatures (30-40ºC). After cooking the pasta for 15-17 minutes it is still “al dente” and is difficult to overcook or go soggy. It has an intense taste and flavour that only needs a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt to enjoy.